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Skill and innovation are needed to mill and process Ancient Kauri tree logs.

the company mills the ancient wood once it has been carefully extracted from the peat swamps.
Ancient Kauri Kingdom - the company mills the ancient wood once it has been carefully extracted from the peat swamps where it has been buried and preserved for more than 45,000 years.

The water logged stumps are immediately transported to our factory complex to be hosed down and cleaned in readiness for milling. Before milling each log is carefully assessed, to yield the best grain and qualities. The recovered Kauri wood is the oldest workable wood in the world.

Customised milling equipment and processes

The logs are sawn while they are 100% wet. Ancient Kauri Kingdom has customized its own saw milling plant to handle these very large and very heavy logs.

Huge whole slabs of Ancient Kauri wood

Each slab takes up to 2 years to dry.
We recently designed a new 'floating' mill in order to cut huge single piece slabs of up to 12 metres log, 2 metres wide, and 100mm thick . Each slab weights approx 2 tonnes wet sawn but once dry will shed �¾ tonne from loss of water content. Each slab will take up to two years to dry.

NZ Kauri grow to be amongst the largest trees in the world. They are protected. The huge slabs milled from New Zealand Ancient Swamp Kauri are not only the largest in the world but come from the oldest workable wood in the world - more than 45,000 years old.

Knowledge and experience in handling Ancient Kauri made us market leaders

The drying process is very slow. It needs to be slow as these logs have been immersed in water for more than 45,000 years. To minimize warping and splitting we use a combination of air drying and low temperature dehumidifier rooms.

We have innovated modification of plant and equipment, new tools, unique product designs and manufacturing techniques specific to Ancient Kauri wood.

Disastrous consequences if Ancient Kauri is not handled properly

If Ancient Kauri is not handled correctly it can have disastrous consequences. For this reason Ancient Kauri Kingdom is cautiously experimenting with new vacuum kiln technology. There is no doubt this technology can dry the wood quickly but it is how the wood reacts and behaves several months later that concerns us.

We will continue our tried and tested milling and drying methods until we are satisfied the new technology is suitable.

Ancient Kauri Kingdom is the market leader and no one understands Ancient Kauri and how to work with it better than us.

Ancient Kauri Kingdom guarantees all Ancient Kauri wood products we make. [Read more]