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Ancient Kauri Kingdom woodturner artists and crafts people produce our world famous Ancient Kauri products.

A trained eye is required to recover the best grain and texture. Ancient Kauri Kingdom craftsmen are experts at selecting the most appropriate piece best suited to the beautiful products we make.


Alby Hall, artist and master wood turner, started woodworking in 1986, making tables at first. In 1990 woodturning became his main creative outlet. He took to it with a passion, developing many new processes and tools to be able to achieve the ideas and designs that came from his creative process.

"I have been with Ancient Kauri Kingdom since the start. I have enjoyed the freedom to experiment and develop unique ideas, skills and designs using the challenging Ancient Kauri wood. What a fantastic creative relationship — a dream come true for me."

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After leaving school and building for five years, Quin joined the team at Ancient Kauri Kingdom in the freeform department, making small craft items through to the building of artistically styled dining tables and massive wooden couches carved from the root systems of Ancient Kauri.

"My ambition is the desire to expand my technical skills, develop my design concepts and express my creativity in the material I enjoy so much - wood." 

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