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Ancient Kauri Kingdom is happy to share with you what people have said about our company and about Ancient Kauri wood.

About Ancient Kauri Products

"I have just unpacked the slabs and we stood around, in silence at first, gobsmacked at the quality of the finish and the warm glow coming from the wood"

"The furniture was delivered last Monday.  It arrived in perfect conditions.  Everything was very well packed.  The dining suite is really masterpiece of work.  The special design enhances the uniqueness of the Ancient Kauri wood"

About Ancient Kauri Kingdom - The Company

"Sure is an impressive list of awards in a highly competitive industry." K Kozel, Northland Business Consultant, Whangarei, NZ

"...I would like to thank you for your efforts you have made to ensure that I get the particular plate I required.  It is not often these days to have such a professional service"

About the Showroom Factory

"Overall absolutely brilliant.  Very nice place and well set up"

"Very friendly staff.  Great range of products.  Fabulous pictures / art work and very skilled Kauri items.  Congratulations on your many awards - you truly deserve them"

"Well done - awesome representation of our Kauri"

Above comments taken from half yearly Visitor Survey - October 2006

About the Factory Cafe

"Beautiful place I love the food and the cooks and waitresses are awesome!  Great service"

"An awesome little cafe situated in an interesting tourism complex.  Great combination of excellent service, good quality food and products.  I would gladly recommend this complex especially the cafe to anyone wanting to enjoy a tourist experience".

Above comments taken from half yearly Visitor Survey - October 2006

About the Ancient Kauri Kingdom team

"Thank you so much for your message, and for taking the trouble to send us the photos of our new table.  We agree, it looks great, and we are so excited about the prospect of having it in our home.  We promise to care for it with the same dedication as shown by your wonderful craftsmen who have created such a lovely piece of furniture. Would you please thank them from us for such a superb effort".

"We met you when we bought our seed pod....we saw your inlay work on furniture and recall that you have a fine arts degree....It is good to know something of the artisan which personalises the object so much more"