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New Zealand Tourism Awards 2006 Winner

Tourism Criteria: Visitor Activities and Attractions
Category: Retail and Hospitality

Media Statement
For release 24 August 2006

Ancient Kauri Kingdom breathes new life into buried forest.

Over 100,000 worldwide visitors a year flock to Ancient Kauri Kingdom at Awanui in the Far North to experience 45,000 year old Ancient Kauri wood products.

Numerous radio carbon dating tests by world experts confirm the buried Ancient Kauri forest recovered by Ancient Kauri Kingdom is the oldest workable wood in the world. Buried just below the surface and preserved in the water of peat bogs, the ancient wood has neither petrified nor turned to coal. The wood is older than the migration of primitive man into North America, the hunt for mammoths and cave paintings in Europe. The Kauri forest was already buried some 25,000 years before the on-set of the last Ice Age giving scientists an important insight into our pre-historic past.

Multi award winning Ancient Kauri Kingdom has pioneered recovery, extraction and manufacture of these buried giant Kauri trees making Ancient Kauri Kingdom the industry leader.

Visitors to the Awanui complex experience the sheer size of Ancient Kauri logs as they climb the iconic Ancient Kauri staircase – carved inside a fifty tonne log, eleven metres in girth. They sit on huge stump couches weighing two tonnes. The 750 sq metre showroom displays stunning Ancient Kauri fine art, crafts and furniture, the majority of which are made onsite by highly skilled craftsmen.

Ancient Kauri Kingdom are justifiably proud of their achievement turning an unwanted, unused resource into timeless cherished gifts and heirlooms ranging from $7.50 to $55,000. “Our management and staff are one hundred percent committed to providing an outstanding visitor experience while applying prudent and sustainable business principles”.

Ancient Kauri Kingdom founded in 1992 now has more than 35 employees making it one of Northlands largest employers. Adding economic value where the resource is found injects significant revenue back into local Awanui, population 350.

Major awards include the prestigious Northland Chamber of Commerce 1999 and 2004 Supreme Business of the Year, 2002 and 2006 New Zealand Tourism category winner for Retail and Restaurant (finalists 2000, 2004), and Qualmark Endorsed Visitor Activity accreditation.
Ancient Kauri Kingdom is proud to be an active member of Northland Sustainable Tourism Charter showing their commitment to eco-friendliness and community initiatives. The charter objectives are to enhance the natural, cultural, social and economic environments of Northland, whilst maintaining a successful tourism industry.

“We are pleased to implement best practice for the sustainability of tourism in Northland. Furthermore we are actively involved in the strategic planning of Northlands Annual Kauri Festival first held in 2005.

As industry leader Ancient Kauri Kingdom sets the benchmark.  Production, customer service and sales excel due to sound strategic planning and setting systems and processes to continually improve and grow Ancient Kauri Kingdom and the Ancient Kauri industry.

Ancient Kauri Kingdom has a web presence project underway to educate the world on New Zealand Ancient Kauri and to better serve world wide customers wanting to connect with 45,000 year old prehistoric treasure - a buried forest.

For more information, contact Alan Perkinson, Director,
Ancient Kauri Kingdom Ltd
229 State Highway 1, RD 1, Awanui, Northland
Ph: +64 9 4067172