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Largest drum in the world - 2008

For some time now the owners and staff at Ancient Kauri Kingdom have been considering crafting something very special and inspiring for the world. The item made would be of significant size and scale to honour the ancient soul of our rare, beautiful and unique 45,000 year old Ancient Kauri (the oldest workable wood in the world), native to New Zealand.

We are a peaceful island country, small in size but big in spirit. In a world of conflict we advocate peace, humanity and harmony.

From this sentiment came the idea to make the ââ?¬Å?Pacific Rim Peace Drumââ?¬Â.

Ancient Kauri Peace Drum

The Pacific Rim Peace Drum will be the largest single piece wooden drum in the world made from the oldest workable wood in the world ââ?¬â?? 45,000 year old NZ Ancient Kauri.

The hunt is now on to find a suitable log for this special project.

Once the log is found the work will begin in earnest.

After we have prepared and shaped the drum it will then be sent to other Pacific rim countries for the indigenous people to carve their own designated panel to depict their interpretation and representation of peace.

This project will take 3 or 4 years to complete. Once completed the Pacific Rim Peace Drum will then travel the world to advocate and promote peace. Such venues will include peace forums, United Nations conferences, peace talks, Live Aid / Peace concerts, Olympic & Commonwealth games etc.

Sponsorship, Ambassador and Expressions of Interest

While we have the skills and ability to create the Pacific Rim Peace Drum we do not have the financial resources required for project management costs, materials, freight (especially transporting to and from the other Pacific nations), insurance, drum keeper expenses etc. This will require significant sponsorship funding. Exclusive media rights will be offered. We are also looking for a high profile ambassador to champion and promote this project to the world.

We have already started this essential logistical planning and are in preliminary discussions with interested joint venture partners. Further expressions of interest are welcome [click here].

The Pacific Rim Peace Drum is an important statement and message of peace for the world. Its size and stature will deliver our message that cannot be ignored.


Here is one interpretation of the drum written by Harold Flett.

In Cree,

Commonly referred to as ââ?¬Å?Tawagunââ?¬Â. Without the drum there would be no Pow-Wow. People use different drums for various occasions. The Pow-Wow drum is a large drum, approximately 3ft in diameter. It is the centre of the Pow-Wow celebration that can be used to heal and unify all people. The drum represents the circle of life.

A drum is made of wood and hide, both natural materials. These materials represent honesty and sharing. The wood comes from a tree. The tree gives life so that we can build the drum. The tree is also telling us where life comes from. Without the sun and the earth there would be no trees, no life.

The Anishinabe, the people, were lowered to this Earth by the hand of the creator. The tree grows up to the creator, the source of its life and all of the life on this Earth.

The hide is from an animal who gives its life for the drum and in this way, represents the gift of sharing. Once a drum has been made, it is usually given to an individual or a group. Certain people are given the responsibility or instructions in the making of the drum. It is never created as a craft or a toy. Before the drum can be sounded at a Pow-Wow it must be blessed at a special ceremony led by an elder or a group of elders. Once the ceremony has been completed, the drum may be sounded at any Pow-Wow. There are usually four or more singers around the drum.

A person is usually given the responsibility of caring for the drum. He is called the drum keeper or the drum carrier. The drum beat is described as a heartbeat of the people.

The drum itself is regarded as a sacred object to be treated with respect. Each drum has a keeper to ensure that no one approaches it under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or shows disrespect by reaching or setting things on it.

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