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Ancient Kauri Kingdom takes our role as Industry leader for Ancient Kauri seriously by setting strategic milestones for worldwide projects.

Special Projects in Ancient Kauri Wood

Each project is guided by a team of dedicated staff whose vision is to fulfill our role as Industry leaders. Read about each project and note the progress made each year.

Largest turned bowl in the world � 2008

For some time now the owners and staff at Ancient Kauri Kingdom have been considering crafting something very special and inspiring for the world. Read More.

Largest boardroom/dining room table
in the world � 2008

First staircase � 2010

Northland Sustainable Tourism Charter

Ancient Kauri Kindgom is proud to be an active member of Northland Sustainable Tourism Charter showing our commitment to eco-friendliness and community initiatives. The charter objectives are to enhance the natural, social and economic environments of Northland, whilst maintaining a successful tourism industry.