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Sometimes people ask questions about New Zealand Ancient Swamp Kauri or want to know the facts.

Frequently asked questions about Ancient Kauri Wood and The Company.  If you have any questions left unanswered, please enquire.

How do you know the Ancient Kauri Wood is more than 45,000 years old?
Over the last 5 years we have had 20 different samples independently carbon dated tested in New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom and Germany. All tests verify this age beyond doubt.  [Read about Radio Carbon Dating]

Are any Kauri trees chopped down to make your products?
No living trees are chopped down to make our products. Ancient Kauri Kingdom only uses Kauri recovered from swamps. Living Kauri trees are protected.

How do you know where to find Ancient Kauri wood?
Ancient Kauri is unique to our region and found nowhere else in the world. It is buried on local farm land in low lying swamp wet land.

Do you need a special permit to collect Ancient Kauri wood?
No permits are required. We obtain permission from the farm owners and usually pay them a Royalty for the extraction rights. We also restore and re-grass the land when we are finished so no damage is done to the environment.

How much Ancient Kauri wood is there and how long will the supply last?
Ancient Kauri is a finite resource that will definitely run out one day. The exact quantity is unknown and not all swamp areas are accessible. If used wisely as a precious timber we believe there is up to 30 years supply remaining.

How much Ancient Kauri do you extract each visit?
As Mother Nature has preserved the timber for so long it is best kept buried in the ground until needed. We only take as much as we can process. Generally we do this in summer when the swamp is driest. We minimise waste by making products of all sizes and even donate sawdust and shavings.

What is the difference between 'swamp kauri' and 'Ancient Kauri'?

Different names are used for the very old Kauri recovered from the swamps of New Zealand. The oldest, more than 45,000 years old, is most accurately called Ancient Kauri, whereas swamp Kauri can be as young as 1800 to 3000 years old.  Unfortunately the most common term is now Ancient Kauri so you really need to ask the merchant/retailer how old the Kauri wood is.  We only use the oldest Ancient Kauri found - all more than 45,000 years old.

What do you do with the Ancient Kauri once it is extracted?
We take the logs back to the yard, wash them down and then mill them. As they are 100% saturated we start the drying process straight away. This is a very slow process, at low temperatures, to minimize splitting and warping.

Who makes all the furniture and crafts?
All furniture and fine art is hand-made at our Awanui workshops by local craftsmen. 85% of our wood crafts are also made there, the rest being made by a few selected manufacturers using only the Ancient Kauri wood we supply them.

Why is the Ancient Kauri wood so light?
Most people are surprised at how light the timber is especially the bowls and crafts. This is because the time and care has been taken to dry the timber properly and all the surfaces have been turned to an equal thickness. In addition Kauri is a member of the conifer family which is naturally a soft wood.

What finish do you apply to
Crafts: vegetable oil for all kitchenware otherwise beeswax
Bowls: beeswax
Furniture: spray lacquer with '2 pot' epoxy resin for inlay features

Are the living Kauri trees protected?
Yes, they are our living treasures. Farmers have milling rights if Kauri trees are on their property. However they must obtain a permit, can take no more than 15% and only for personal private use. No living Kauri trees can be milled for commercial activity.

Can I get Ancient Kauri wood products in my country - especially Australia?
Yes, our products are taken all over the world. Most Customs’ declarations require you to declare you are bringing timber or wood products with you. As our Ancient Kauri is professionally processed and crafted then you will have no problems getting it through. In addition we provide you with a ' Certificate of Authenticity' which you can show to Customs.
We also post and ship all over the world. The sales tax (GST) of 12.5% is deducted from all items we post overseas for you. For a quote enquire